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War echo - mention of Erwin Rommel in our days

Named Rommel

Named in honor of

Erwin Rommel

Rommel cafe in El Alamein, Egypt

Cafe "Rommel"

in El Alamein

Erwin Rommel musem news

Photo exhibition 

"The Rommel Myth"

Concert Rommel in Japan

Rock concert

"Rommel" 1988

Franco Bergiorno-Nettis and Rommel

The lessons of the Desert Fox

are effective at all times

Movie Rommel 2012

Erwin Rommel

in the movies

Russian-Ukrainian war

 Brilliant Erwin Rommel

at Russian-Ukrainian war


 Will the Rommel street

in Aalen be renamed?

Granddaughters of George Patton and Erwin Rommel

Granddaughters of George Patton

and Erwin Rommel

Erwin Rommel's marshal baton

Erwin Rommel's

marshal baton

Rommel's treasure

Rommel's Treasure in the

Mediterranean Sea

Manfred Rommel in museum

Manfred Rommel's letter

sold at auction

Rommel is football coach

Rommel instead

of Eriksson

602nd Glasgow Squadron

History lessons of the

602nd Glasgow Squadron

Hedenheim Rommel memorial

Mayor of Hedenheim is

against Rommel's memorial

Exhibits of Erwin Rommel

 Exhibits of Erwin Rommel

removed from museum


 Replica Erwin Rommel

uniform for sale

Erwin Rommel’s memorial in Herrlingen

Tank hatch stolen

from Rommel memorial

Afrika Korps veterans

Erwin Rommel was not a Nazi -

Rommel's driver

Manfred Rommel

Manfred Rommel

about father

Recording movie Rommel

Public reaction

to the film "Rommel"

Manfred Rommel dead

Rommel's son

passed away

Erwin Rommel staff cars

Restored Rommel's

headquarter vehicles

Rommel museum in Wurtenberg

Memory of Erwin Rommel

in Würtenberg Museum

Uniform key.png

Is this really

Rommel's tunic?

Erwin Rommel's Granddaughter

 All known grandchildren

of Erwin Rommel

“Pour le Merit” Cross of Erwin Rommel

Where the original crosses

of Erwin Rommel?

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