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About the historical website

Dear visitors!


Welcome to the Erwin Rommel website created on historical researches. This site is a historical reference and DOES NOT propagate the ideas of fascism, Nazism or racism. This source is for everyone who is interested in the history of World War II, and in particular the biography of Erwin Rommel and everything around him.    


The site is dedicated to Erwin Rommel, who became a true legend and respected personality not only to the soldiers of the German Afrika Korps, but also to all his opponents in North Africa, thanks to the fact that he never betrayed the knightly code of honor. Proofs are the statements of famous world figures about Rommel, which are collected in the section of our site Quotes of Rommel & about him.

Erwin Rommel website


The main goal of this portal is to recreate the complete biography of the Desert Fox and to find any facts or stories about Erwin Rommel. We will collect all the information about Rommel's military service, rising in ranks and receiving awards. 


As the second goal, we will try to combine all possible information about battles in the North Africa 1940-1943 from different sources and support it with the battles maps. After that we will calculate the total losses of Axis and Allies in the Statistics section of our website because nobody did this before.   


The third goal is to visit museums and important places for Rommel's history and memory. Mainly, the expeditions will be done in Germany, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.     


The first word of the biography of Erwin Rommel was written in November 2004. At first, the site was published in 2012 in Russian and was called "Rommel & DAK". The present website was rebuilt from Russian version of "Rommel & DAK" and published in English, German, Russian, Spanish, French in 2021. The English translation of the site from the Russian original was carried out with the help of Google Translator.

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