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Exhibits of Erwin Rommel removed from the Tank Museum in Germany

Stand with exhibits of Erwin Rommel in the Tank Museum in Münster


For a long time in the famous Tank Museum in Münster (Germany) there was a stand with exhibits of Erwin Rommel. There were Rommel's uniform, a letter to his wife, Hitler's order for Erwin Rommel to be promoted to field marshal, photographs of Rommel, and his book "The Infantry Attacks".

By 2011, this stand was in place, but by 2020, the stand was no longer in the museum. When exactly it was removed or where it was transferred is completely unknown. In May 2022, the administration of the Tank Museum reported that Rommel's tunic was in the administration of the museum for authentication. Perhaps doubts about the authenticity of the tunic forced the museum administration to remove Erwin Rommel's stand.

Death mask of Erwin Rommel
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