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History lessons of 602nd Glasgow Squadron

Lessons of 602nd Glasgow Squadron


Four members of the 602nd Glasgow Squadron went to France for four days, where in 1944 the Speedfighters of the 602nd Squadron hit III Reich Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s car, thus ending his participation in the Normandy company.


On July 17, 1944, the Desert Fox Erwin Rommel, commander of the German forces in Normandy, returned to the front line after an urgent meeting at its headquarters. He returned to coordinate the counterattack of the Wehrmacht troops against the Allied troops in Normandy, but he did not succeed in doing this.


Speedfighters from the 602nd Squadron, based near the front line in France, patrolled the airspace at a time when a German headquarters vehicle appeared nearby. Chris Le-Roy, the leader of the 602nd Squadron, made a raid and 22mm cartridges simply disarrayed the car. The surviving Field Marshal Rommel was urgently hospitalized in a German hospital. Wehrmacht troops lost one of the most important figures in Normandy, in the person of which the Germans had hopes.

On October 2, 2008, the squadron members visited the airfield, where the 602nd squadron was based during the Norman company and the place where Rommel's car was attacked. Although, most likely it is very likely that they did it in vain since the Canadian Charlie Fox is the real hero of the occasion. Already absolutely all world sources indicate that the Desert Fox headquarters machine blew up Charlie from the 412th Squadron and we have an article about it in the section "Researches" on our website.

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