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Is this really Rommel's tunic?

Armband Afrikakorps


In May 2022, the administration of the German Tank Museum announced on its blog that Rommel's North African tunic is under investigation for authenticity. This tunic was in the museum for a long time at the stand of Erwin Rommel, but one day the stand was removed.

The museum administration reports that by exhibiting things of famous people, they can create myths. Thus, the museum is obliged to guarantee the authenticity of the exhibits. This tunic was donated to the museum by a man who personally knew Erwin Rommel during his lifetime. The tunic is original, but during research, historians have found several inconsistencies.

The original story says that Rommel discarded this tunic after he was promoted to field marshal in 1942. However, on the jacket are shoulder straps of the highest rank of field marshal. After analyzing all the photos of Erwin Rommel in North Africa, a similar tunic was found in just one photo, but also had differences. Finally, Rommel never wore the "Afrikakorps" armband that this jacket has.

The museum administration suggested that this was Rommel's rare tunic, in which he had never been photographed and rarely wore it. But then how to explain the fact that the tunic is very worn out and the yellow color has faded in the sun? The museum administration seriously believes that this is not Rommel's tunic, and probably for this reason Rommel's stand was removed from the museum.

Rommel's uniform in North Africa
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