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All known grandchildren of Erwin Rommel

Catherine Rommel - granddaughter of Erwin Rommel


Most sources say that Erwin Rommel had no direct heirs after the death of his son. In fact, there is information about his direct grandchildren, but for obvious reasons, these people were not advertised to the public.

It is known that Erwin Rommel had a son, Manfred, who never had children. But he had an adopted daughter Catherine. But at the same time, Rommel also had direct grandchildren from his daughter Gertrud, about whom many sources are still silent.

Gertrud was born in 1913 in Weingarten. Erwin Rommel had a real love story with her mother Walburga Stemmer, but his family was strongly against their relationship. For this reason, Gertrud was the illegitimate daughter of a field marshal. After the death of Erwin Rommel and the fall of Germany, Gertrud disappeared and no one knew anything about her. But in 2002, 60-year-old Josef Pan from Bavaria tried to break into the public media space and claimed to be the direct grandson of Erwin Rommel.

It wasn't until 2012 that the DailyMail wrote an article about Josef Pan, who by that time was already 72 years old. He said that his mother, Gertrud, married his father, also named Josef Pan. He has over 150 photos of his mother with Erwin Rommel in his collection, as well as a single photo of Erwin Rommel with his grandmother Walburga. Unfortunately, none of this photo was published anywhere and by no one. The most interesting thing is that he is not the only son of Rommel's daughter. Josef had a brother, Anton Pan, and a sister, Helga Pan. No information is available about these real grandchildren of Rommel and their children.

Josef Pan also said that Rommel always loved his grandmother Walburga and told his mother Gertrud that he would dream of building a house and making a cozy nest with them. For this reason, Rommel never rejected Gertrud and she always came to his house and also traveled with him.

In turn, it is known that Catherine, at the time of this writing in 2022, has two children. During his lifetime, Manfred Rommel approved that Catherine's children should bear the surname Rommel. So Erwin Rommel definitely has great-grandchildren from his adopted granddaughter.

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