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Brilliant Erwin Rommel in Russo-Ukrainian war

Russian-Ukrainian war


It was the third month of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and it was already clearly visible that the army of Ukraine was able to turn the tide of hostilities and stabilize the 1200 km front line, despite the threefold superiority of the Russian army. In this regard, many military experts began to comment on what is happening at the front.

Retired US Army General H. R. McMaster explained that the failures of the Russian military are not only tactical but also logistical. He recalled how Russian columns with hundreds of tanks and supply vehicles stopped on their way to Kyiv and other cities, being stationary targets for destruction.

McMaster added: "There's an old saying: "Amateurs do the tactics, experts do the logistics." Because logistics determines the result. You can be as brilliant as Erwin Rommel, but if you run out of gas, you run out of gas."

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