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Erwin Rommel in the movies

Five Graves to Cairo, 1943

Five graves to Cairo (1943) USA

Erwin Rommel - Erich von Stroheim


British soldier John Bramble, by the will of fate, turns out to be alone in a small town located among the sands of the Sahara. The German occupation forces are entering the city. To avoid captivity, he pretends to be for the deceased employee of the small Imperial Hotel. Later, the hotel becomes the headquarters of General Rommel and Bramble realizes that by posing as a servant, he is in even greater danger because the deceased was an agent who worked for the Nazis. After managing to convince the Germans that he works for them, Bramble is ordered to go to Cairo and prepare for the invasion of German troops.

The Desert Fox, 1951

The Desert Fox (1951) USA

Erwin Rommel - James Mason

This film about the Desert Fox was made on the basis of documents collected by English officer Desmond Young, who, being in German captivity, met General Rommel. In this film, the role of Rommel was played by a magnificent British actor who starred a lot in both English and American cinema.

The Desert Rats, 1953

The Desert Rats (1953) USA

Erwin Rommel - James Mason

Tank units of the German General Rommel with fierce attack the position of the British army and pressed it to the borders of Egypt. Captain Tammy was appointed to command the battalion of the 9th Australian Regiment defending a key point of British defense. Australians disliked the new commander. But in the heat of battle, their relationship is changing dramatically. His brave battalion makes daring forays into enemy territory, destroying people and equipment of the Nazis. For several months, they have been holding back the German offensive, in order to give the British army time to prepare a counterattack.

Foxhole in Cairo, 1960

Foxohol in Cairo (1960) Ireland

Erwin Rommel - Albert Lieven


During the North African operation, the Desert Fox has placed a couple of spies in Cairo, at the headquarters of the British army. They were monitoring every move of the British. It falls to British intelligence to hunt down the spies before they do too much damage to the war effort.

The Longest Day, 1962

The longest day (1962) USA

Erwin Rommel - Werner Hinz


The film tells about the famous landing in Normandy, the legendary D-Day, June 6, 1944. Early in the morning of that day, an armada of 5,000 ships from the Allied army concentrated on the British Isles crossed the English Channel and began landing expeditionary forces on the Normandy coast. For both the Allies and the Germans, it was the longest day.

War Intalian style, 1965

War Italian style (1965) Italy
Erwin Rommel - Buster Keaton

Two colleagues Joy and Frank, by chance, are involved in the implementation of the most important mission - to prepare the landing of the American landing force in the port of Anzio. Thanks to their innate cretinism, they destroy German defenses and win the war. In this comedy, Rommel’s name is not mentioned, but General von Kassler bears the nickname the Desert Fox, first commanding all German troops in North Africa, and then in Anzio.

The Night of the Generals, 1967

The night of the Generals (1966) Great Britain, France

Erwin Rommel - Christopher Plummer

The film is based on the novel of the same name by German writer Hans Helmut Kirst “Die Nacht der Generale”. The story begins in Warsaw in 1942, with the murder of a Polish prostitute. Everything indicates that the killer is one of the three high ranking Wehrmacht Generals. Major Grau follows the trail of the murderer, and after 2 years a similar murder occurs in Paris.

Far on the West, 1968

Far on the West (1968) USSR
Erwin Rommel - USSR Navy officer

Captured Soviet soldiers and fighters of the French Resistance together fighting in the name of victory in World War II. Soviet prisoners of war revolt, seize an island in Normandy and destroy German fortifications. The film has Field Marshal, and although his name is not called, he inspects the Atlantic Wall.

The Battle of El Alamein, 1969

The battle for El Alamein (1969) France, Italy

Erwin Rommel - Robert Hossein

1942 Italian and German troops are located near Suez and Alexandria. The Italian-German tank army "Afrika" under the command of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel could not continue the offensive, as it needed to be replenished. Rommel's army held 60-kilometer line south-west of El Alamein. On November 4, the British broke through the front while Rommel was treated in Berlin. Upon arrival, Rommel was forced to order the withdrawal from Egypt.

Patton, 1970

Patton (1970) USA

Erwin Rommel - Karl Michael Vogler

According to the books “Patton: Trials and Triumph” and “The History of a Soldier” by General Omar N. Bradley. Biography of General George Patton, whose temperament often influenced the course of hostilities during the Second World War.

Atlantic Wall, 1970

Atlantic Wall (1970) France, Italy

Erwin Rommel - Jean Poiret

The action of this wonderful comedy with the participation of Bourvil is unfolding during the Second World War in Normandy. The charming daughter of the owner of a small cafe hides an English pilot shot down by the Germans. Her father is a simple-hearted good-natured person who is exclusively interested in the affairs of his cafe, unexpectedly for himself becomes a participant not only in funny adventures but more than that - in the assassination attempt on General Rommel.

Raid on Rommel, 1971

Raid on Rommel (1971) USA

Erwin Rommel - Wolfgang Preiss

The intelligence officer directs a fearless attack on the well-defended coast of the German troops. Having got into the German war convoy, Captain Foster and McKenzie swear to fail the enemy's mission, which is becoming increasingly difficult due to the presence of the Italian General's mistress, and also one hitch in the meeting with Rommel.

The key to Rebecca, 1985

The key to Rebecca (1985) USA

Erwin Rommel - Robert Culp

North Africa, 1942, Egypt. Erwin Rommel with a small army defiantly fights against the superior forces of the British and rushes to Cairo. In the midst of his offensive, a German spy, Alexander Wolf, with the call sign "Rebecca", appears in the rear of the British. From the very beginning, he has been pursued by failures, the British counterintelligence has been following in his wake almost from the first day, but Wolf, half German half Arab, cannot only avoid all traps but also organize collection and transfer of secret information. Under the conditions of a catastrophic situation at the front, every radiogram of Wolf to Rommel can be fatal for the British.

The plot to kill Hitler, 1990

The plot to kill Hitler (1990) USA, Yugoslavia

Erwin Rommel - Helmut Griem

The story of resistance to the dictates of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, who led the conspiracy against Hitler, and a number of officers of the highest German command. In 1944, Stauffenberg attempted to blow up Hitler, carrying a bomb in his briefcase, but by chance, the Fuhrer survived the explosion and the SS quickly arrested and executed everyone who was involved in this riot.

Valkyrie, 2008

Valkyrie (2008) USA, Germany
Erwin Rommel - Bernard Hill

The story of the hero of the resistance of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, who led the conspiracy against Hitler. In 1944, he tried to blow up the dictator, carrying a bomb in his briefcase, but all he could do was only to injure the Fuhrer. The image of the General in North Africa at the beginning of the film is clearly written off from Rommel.

Red rose of Normandy, 2011

Red rose of Normandy (2011) USA

Erwin Rommel - Buck Brown

The movie by Danish director Tino Strukman follows Klaus Muller, a WWII veteran who miraculously survived the hard fights on the Russian front. Soon he is sent to Normandy, where he comes under the command of Field Marshal Rommel. Here Muller meets his beloved - nurse Claudius. A few days later the heroes of the movie will be in the midst of a grand Allied invasion.

Rommel, 2012

Rommel (2012) Germany, Austria, France

Erwin Rommel - Ulrich Tukur

In January 1944, Rommel was appointed commander of Army Group "B" in northern France. He tried to make the Atlantic Wall a serious obstacle for the enemy, but due to strategic disagreements with the commander of the entire military group in France, Field Marshal Rundstedt, a single defense plan for the western border of the Reich was not developed. Many ideas of Rommel were not heard, which led to the lack of efficiency and inconsistency of the actions of the German troops during the landing of the Allies in Normandy on June 6, 1944.

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