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Mayor of Hedenheim is against Rommel's memorial

Hedenheim memorial Rommel


The more years have passed since the Second World War, the more questions arise. Without exaggeration, Rommel's figure was very significant and he is the most famous and recognizable general of the Third Reich and the Second World War. But, as always, people are divided into two camps ... Rommel has haters in addition to his admirers.

In 1961, veterans of the North African campaign erected a monument to those who died at the front and their general, whom they respected so much. A memorial was erected symbolically in the hometown of the Desert Fox, Hedenheim. Every year it was visited by veterans, history buffs and haters of everything related to the Third Reich.

In 2020, the mayor of Henenheim installed an iron figure of a one-legged person at the Rommel’s memorial. It personified the dead and crippled by mines in North Africa. Mayor Bernhard Ilg said: "The statue does not point to the truth but encourages the search for it." He recalled that since the beginning of calculations in the 80s, about 33,000 people in the world have died from mines and another 75,000 have been damaged. In Egypt alone, near El Alamein after the war up to 10,000 mine explosions were recorded.

Rommel memorial in Germany

However, this is not the only event at this memorial. On November 13, 2011, people came to the memorial and covered it with a banner with the inscription "No more memorial to the Nazi general." Despite the fact that about a dozen people came to the event, according to organizer Maier, the police launched an investigation into the reasons for the uncoordinated action.

By the way, questions about the demolition of the Erwin Rommel's memorial have been discussed in the city hall of Henenheim since 2014.

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