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Mined Egypt

Demining near El Alamein

Since 2020, the Egyptians have started building a new Dubai in El Alamein. All the mines around the city have already been removed from the sand, but deeper in the desert, the mines still lie. By 2002, mine casualties numbered 1,000 and over 7,000 injured. This number continued to rise until 2010.

According to the UN, by 2010, about 22,000,000 infantry mines and ammunition remained undestroyed in North Africa. Many of these mines are on the El Alamein battlefield. The Egyptian army independently eliminated about 3,000,000 mines and unexploded ordnance in the epicenter of the battlefield.

El Alamein Airport on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt on March 21, 2005 received the first charters with tourists from Italy and the UK. Already there are beaches, memorials and a military museum of the Battle of El Alamein. As of 2021, some Egyptian ministers have started working from the new Egyptian Ministry in El Alamein.

Egyptian President Sisi plans to greatly develop tourism in the region, as well as create areas suitable for agriculture. They plan to subsequently resettle 1.5 million Egyptians in El Alamein, but for this the region must be completely cleared.

The Egyptians have repeatedly turned for help to the states whose troops mined the country's territory. Italy and Germany promised to provide financial assistance in this matter in 2010. The funds were supposed to go to a special national fund created with the support of the UN. Egypt also hopes for voluntary contributions from other countries.

Minefield in El Alamein



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