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The story of the memorials at the site of the minefields near El Alamein

Veteran of the British minefields near El Alamein

The information in this article is very unique today. This is an unfinished investigation that will most likely never be completed. There are more questions here than answers.

A long time ago we found a photograph depicting a certain monument warning about mines. This memorial featured the emblem of the Afrika Korps. There was no information about this memorial on the Internet.

German memorial at the site of the minefields near El Alamein

Then in 2023 we came across photographs of a British veteran of the Battle of El Alamein. In a photo from El Alamein in 2011, he stood near a similar memorial, but with a drawing of a lion and the inscription BRITISH. Accordingly, there were two memorials, which indicated the location of British minefields and German minefields.

British veterans in El Alamein at the minefields memorial

We emailed this veteran, but did not receive a response. Perhaps he is no longer with us and he took with him the secret of the location of this memorial. All that is known from the photo is that the memorial stood along the Mersa Matrouh - Alexandria highway, which runs through El Alamein parallel to the coast. But since 2018, this route has been expanded twice, and most likely the memorials have been moved or even destroyed. We were in El Alamein in 2022 and did not see these monuments.

There is also this interesting fact: the German minefield memorial has apparently been changed. On the first photo that we had initially, it was written AXIS FORCES, where in place of the word FORCES there was something erased. An earlier photo of this memorial that we were able to find showed the word ENEMY. Apparently, the word FORCES used to be ENEMY. Accordingly, the conclusion is that both memorials were built by the British after the war.

The original memorial at the site of the German minefields near El Alamein



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