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Me-323 on the Tunisian front

Me-323 under fire on the way to Tunisia
Me-323 under fire on the way to Tunisia

During February 23 - March 28, 1943, the Me-323 Messerschmitts made a total of 160 flights to Tunisia and Bizerte. Losses were mainly from ground assaults, but on April 10, 3 Me-323s were shot down north of Tunisia. Over the next 12 days, the composition of the newly formed 5th transport squadron was reduced by 10 times!

16 Me-323 aircrafts were loaded with gasoline and headed for Tunisia. Shortly after Cape Bon they were intercepted by a large force of British fighters. 14 transport aircrafts were shot down, and out of 140 of their crew members in the Mediterranean, only 19 people were saved. A few days later, one of the surviving aircraft was destroyed during a raid on the Tunis airfield, so that only one aircraft returned to the base. After this all flights to Tunisia were canceled.



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