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Jeffrey Keyes who tried to kill Rommel

We have an article on our website about the operation to eliminate Rommel deep in the Libyan rear, codenamed "Flipper". Our article focused on the commander of this military operation, although much attention should be paid to the creator of this operation. It was invented by the youngest British Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Keyes. We found a real photo of Jeffrey Keyes at the base while preparing for the operation.

British commandos Jeffry Keyes in Libya "Flipper"

As you know, the British commando went on a mission on November 10, 1941, sailing in two submarines, one of which was called "Torbay". This submarine went through the entire war and we found a picture from 1942 taken in a British naval harbor.

Submarine HMS Torbay, operation "Flipper"

Moreover, after the retreat of the Axis troops from Libya to Tunisia, the residence in Beda Littoria, where the operation to destroy Rommel in 1941 was taking place, was used by the British as an administrative building and there is even a photograph of the central entrance to the residence. It was through him that Keyes rushed in with his fighters in search of Rommel.

The residence in Beda Littoria, operation "Flipper"

By the way, there is a more detailed description of what happened during the assault on the residence and how Keyes died. Ten soldiers of German Afrika Korps barricaded themselves in one of the rooms. Unfortunately, the door to this room was personally opened by the brave Keyes. He had no chance of avoiding death in such a situation.

When Rommel learned of this operation, he ordered his own chaplain, Rudolf Dalmrath, to travel to Beda Littoria and arrange a high-status funeral for Keyes. Rommel also ordered to send photographs from the funeral ceremony to the relatives of the deceased. This move has won great respect among British commandos. Rommel said: "It was an excellent operation and very brave." As a result, the route between the mountains along which Keyes led the group of commandos was named after him - the Keyes pass.

Operation "Flipper", Keyes rout, Keyes pass



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