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Found British fighter plane in Egypt

RAF fighter in the desert of Egypt

In May 2012, oil explorers discovered a fighter-bomber that crashed during the Second World War in southwestern Egypt. According to experts, the plane lay in the desert for exactly 70 years and is perfectly preserved.

Judging by the photographs of the Polish oilman Jakub Perka, the Americans supplied excellent aircraft to the British allies, since the fighter remained almost intact during a hard landing.

Ian Thursk of the London Royal Air Force Museum suggested that the plane crashed due to lack of fuel. Upon investigation, it became clear that the pilot was Air Staff Sergeant Dennis Copping, who survived the crash as there were no remains at the crash site, but was unable to get out of the desert.

The aircraft was restored according to the drawings by military craftsmen in Egypt. Today it adorns the courtyard of the World War II military museum in El Alamein.



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