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Favorite Afrika Korps song

The Afrika Korps listens to the song "Lili Marlene"
The Afrika Korps listens to the song "Lili Marlene"

The German soldier and future journalist Hans Leip wrote a poem about two girls whom he date at the same time in Berlin, and whose names were Lili and Marlene. His poem was published in 1937 and the young Hamburg cabaret singer Eulalia Bunnenberg really liked it, and a year later the opera conductor Norbert Schulze composed a boring melody to this poem.

Subsequently, the Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels himself heard the song, who advised Schulze to remake the song, giving it the rhythm of a military march, and as a result, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel liked the song in the new arrangement.

"Radio Belgrad", das Rommels Afrikakorps sendete, begann täglich um 21:55 Uhr mit der Ausstrahlung des Liedes "Lili Marlene". Das Lied wurde von britischen Soldaten im Kampf gegen Rommel gehört und ins Englische übersetzt. Bald wurde das Lied "Lili Marlene" zum Lieblingslied der Soldaten aller Fronten des Zweiten Weltkriegs.

1944 wurde in den USA der Film "Lili Marlene" gedreht, 1961 erklang das Lied im Film "Die Nürnberger Prozesse".



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