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Errors in the book "Stalingrad - El Alamein: history and lessons"

The book of the book "Stalingrad - El Alamein: history and lessons"

In May 2009, Megapir Publishing House released the book "Stalingrad-El Alamein: history and lessons". The book publishes materials of the scientific-practical conference of reserve officers of the Armed Forces and the Union of Veterans of the Great Patriotic War of Russia, held on December 4, 2008 in the central library of Alexandria (Egypt). This book was given to the museum in El Alamein.

Union of the Great Patriotic War of Russia in Egypt

As you know, in all historical materials about the Second World War there are many discrepancies. We have not studied the book, but we will point out the errors that are visible on the cover and on the first page:

1) The book says that Montgomery was awarded the rank of Field Marshal for this military operation. For the El Alamein operation, Montgomery received the rank of Colonel General, and he received the Field Marshal 2 years later, on September 1, 1944 in France.

2) A color map is printed on the flyleaf of the book, showing 2 Indian infantry divisions. In fact, there was only one 44th Indian Division at El Alamein.

3) On the map there are inscriptions meaning a reservoir. There are dozens of oases in Egypt and Libya, but not a single water reservoir.

Conference of the military personnel of the reserve of Russia in the library of Alexandria in Egypt



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