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Afrika Korps is the reason of Afri-Cola's popularity

German Afri-Cola

Not many people know, but in Nazi Germany there was a real alternative to Coca-Cola, it was a drink called Afri-Cola. Long before the war in Germany, it was announced that the Coca-Cola concern was Jewish. The chief of Coca-Cola Deutschland, Max Keith, was on good terms with the Nazis and responded by firing all Jewish members of his concern's supervisory board. He did not achieve a particular result and Coca-Cola products quickly lost ground.

This was taken advantage of by Karl who after a trip to the United States, in addition to his enthusiasm, had two ideas: Cola with a high content of caffeine and a distribution system for the product through the franchise. In 1931, he registers the international Afri-Cola trademark and starts production.

After Erwin Rommel's grand victories in North Africa, Afri-Cola's popularity skyrocketed, and until 1945, Afri-Cola and Coca-Cola's market shares were equal. Then the American lifestyle began to come into fashion and in the 60s the market share of Afri-Cola drink significantly decreased, which was the reason for the change in appearance and the new advertising move that we see in the photo.

For modern people who know that this is a German trademark, looking at the name and at the palm tree, there is only one association - the German Afrika Korps.




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