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Erwin Rommel

Erwin Rommel biography

This is the main section of our website which consists of another 3 sections: the history of Rommel's military service, the detailed description of his rise in rank, award list with descriptions. In addition you will read full biography with Rommel's war history including North African campaign. It is detailed biography of the Desert Fox and full descriptions of his combat achievements with the maps which will help you to image more realistic picture of his battles.

Erwin Rommel in North Africa

Opinions about Erwin Rommel

This is the section which shows who really was Erwin Rommel by knowing what people told about him. Here we collected quotes about legendary Field Marshal by different world politicians and famous European military figures. The opinions of the people who fought against him, as well as the opinions of the people who fought under his command, will help piece together a complete picture of who Rommel was. His military and personal qualities are clearly visible here.

The Desert Fox

Combat statistics in N. Africa

There are a lot of information about World War II and combat statistic from different battlefields with the exception of North Africa campaign. This is well-known fact that in North Africa Rommel always had unequal forces but always won, despite this, you can find only combat statistic of the single episodes. We united all information and battle results from different sources in different languages and after a few years of analyzes we are ready to show you our combat statistic.

7th Panzer Division of Erwin Rommel

Researches about Desert Fox

If you want to know the real history of Rommel's glasses and scarf or you want to know about British attempts to liquidate Rommel, or real facts about the confrontation between the Desert Fox and George S. Patton then this section is for you. Here we collect all the unknown facts about Erwin Rommel which you never heard about. All the articles and information in this section we got from a few years of researches and reading different literature during work on this website.

Stories about Erwin Rommel

Stories about Erwin Rommel

Erwin Rommel after successful African campaign became an influential and discussed person not only in Germany but in all the world. This spawned many stories about the Desert Fox, especially in North Africa because everything that was happened there, was very far from the eyes. Here we collected most interesting facts about Field Marshal which we got during building this website and reading the literature, different soldier stories, and peoples who knew Rommel personally. 

Key 6-1.png

War echoes

Second World War finished almost Century ago but the name of the great strategist and knight who followed the knightly code of honor is alive until now. In this section you will find everything that is related to Erwin Rommel in our times: all that is named after Rommel, Rommel's items and stuff, mentions of the Field Marshal in different situations even not related to the war, the Desert Fox in the movies, history of the real Rommel's treasure in the Mediterranean Sea and more.

Desert in the night

In the footsteps of Rommel

In this section, we have published a map of all the important places visited by Erwin Rommel. We tried to find all the specific buildings and places, marked them on the map and attached photos of that time, photos of these places in our days, as well as a brief description with dates. The map also shows several significant routes in the life of the Desert Fox. Here you can find the locations of the modern museums that present corners or exhibits of Erwin Rommel. 


This website is a historical reference and researching work.

It DOES NOT support the ideas of Nazism, fascism or racism.

Erwin Rommel on Greif
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