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Russian trace in Rommel's defeat under El Alamein

Panzer Tiger in Tunisia


Under El Alamein, the German troops suffered defeat, which determined the fate of the war on the African continent. It all began with a leak of information that was transferred to the British with the help of the Countess Maria Alexandrovna Merzlovskaya, a Russian woman who had fled the Soviet Union in Tunisia at the beginning of the war. Through the Bedouins, which the Germans apparently considered objects of little inspiration and did not take them into account, she learned that Field Marshal Erwin Rommel had gone to Germany for treatment. How German counterintelligence has allowed such a gross blunder, it will never become known.


Upon learning of Rommel's departure to his homeland, Montgomery immediately gave the order to prepare for the offensive. Remaining for Rommel, General von Stumme, unwittingly, played along with the enemy - stretched the attacking troops along the entire line of defense, depriving them of mobility, in front of one of the largest minefields in the history of World War II, which was supposed to protect the powerful army of the British from the breakthrough. In this situation, Rommel, of course, would concentrate them in a single fist and would not miss his chance for a lightning-fast counterattack. When the untreated Rommel returned from Berlin, the game was made, and there was no one to ask - General von Stumme had been killed the day before. Rommel was left with only one way - a planned retreat to the West, to Tunisia.


Learning about what happened under El Alamein, Hitler gave the order "The Army "Afrika" turn around and take the previous positions" Alas, it was impossible to fulfill this order: not to mention the total superiority in the Allied tanks, and the surviving tanks of Rommel were subjected to carpet bombing.


The Desert Fox’s plans did not materialize. Thanks to Bedouins and Countess Maria Alexandrovna Merzlovskaya, the coordinates of the minefield were transferred through Dr. Francois, great-grandson of the famous Russian poet A.S. Pushkin, to Captain George Michael Alexander Werner. Thus, the British did not go into the trap prepared for them...


We conducted an information study and found another very interesting fact. It turns out that Captain George Michael Alexander Werner was also the great-grandson of the Russian poet Pushkin by the lines of Natalia's daughter. He was only 25th year. He volunteered in the British army and served as an infantryman not a long time as he died during the British landing in Tunis in 1942.


Proceeding from this, the connection between Werner and François is proved, but the question arises: if he died at the landing of the Western Allies assault, in November 1942, how could he get the coordinates of the minefield under El Alamein if he appeared in North Africa two weeks later after the breakthrough of Montgomery through this field?


There are only two logical explanations: either this is a fake story or the coordinates were transferred to him in England a couple of days before sailing, so he then transferred it to Montgomery in Egypt. All this is in doubt.

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