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Erwin Rommel rank promotions

Erwin Rommel ranks


Gefreiter     July 19, 1910
Entered the army


Unteroffizier     October 1, 1910
For excellent service in the 124th (6th Württemberg) Infantry Regiment


Feltwebel     March 1, 1911
For excellent service in the 124th (6th Württemberg) Infantry Regiment


Leutnant     January 12, 1912
After graduating from military school in Danzig


Oberleutnant     September 18, 1915
For the courage shown during the battles he was appointed the company commander


Hauptmann     October 18, 1918
For impeccable service during the war


Major     October 1, 1933

Over 23 years of service, participation in the war and appointment to the post of battalion commander


Oberstleutnant     October 1, 1935
Over 25 years of military service


Oberst     October 1, 1937
Over 27 years of military service


Generalmajor     August 1, 1939
The position of Hitler’s headquarters commander during the invasion of Poland required an appropriate rank


Generalleutnant     February 9, 1941
Getting under command the Expeditionary German Afrika Korps


General der Panzertruppe     July 1, 1941
For the defeat of the 7th British Armored Division and receiving under command the personal headquarters in Africa

Generaloberst     February 1, 1942
For outstanding military successes in Africa and capturing of Benghazi


Generalfeldmarschall     June 21, 1942
For the capture of Tobruk

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