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Last Rommel's headquarters in Normandy

Rommel's headquarters in Normandy, France


In February 1944, the headquarters of General-Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, Commander-in-Chief of the Army Group B on the Western Front, was transferred to France.

Before the Allies invaded France, Rommel finally got a headquarters room worthy of his title. After desert tents, blowing from all directions, open staffs under the scorching sun, in the open headquarters vehicle, now, in the ward of the old castle of La Roche-Guyon. He received a large cabinet, where he planned defensive redoubts at the huge table of Louis XIV.


On July 9, 1944, a coherent Obersteleitant von Hofacker arrived La Roche-Guyon to Rommel and set out a plan for a military coup and invited Marshal Rommel to lead negotiations with the Allies to conclude a peace that would enable the German troops to concentrate on the Eastern Front and stop the Soviet Army, to which Rommel gave full consent.

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