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How Rommel destroyed Hitler's order

Erwin Rommel gold


Rommel was an honest and brave man, and behind his rough exterior was a tender heart, not knowing base thoughts. The sense of justice and the knightly code of honor to which he was always loyal led him to burn Hitler's order of October 18, 1942, stating that all the enemy saboteurs met behind the German lines had to be shot immediately, regardless of whether they had landed from the sea or from the air.

The fact of the knightly deed of the Desert Fox became known at the Nuremberg trial in 1946. Thus, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel prevented at the outset a potentially grave crime. As a result, the nephew of the British Field Marshal Alexander, being caught in the German rear in the German form of the Afrika Korps, became a prisoner of war, not dead, and received food and water in no lesser quantities than the soldiers of Rommel.

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